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Even if you have already decided on the puppy you want to get, you may get confused because there are hundreds of breeds available, and you might find some that are more adorable than what you originally wanted. Factually, choosing your new best friend is not a walk in the park. Remember, owning a dog can be highly rewarding, but it is also a huge responsibility. Therefore, choosing the right breed is something you cannot overlook.



According to the American Kennel Club, there are several breeds of dogs available. They include:

• Toy Group: This is a breed of small dogs that might be dismissed as super cute and innocent, but they are playful, hyper, and tough. They include Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Charles Spaniels, and more.


• Terriers: Dogs from this breed range from large to small dogs that are exceptionally energetic. They include Jack Russel terriers and miniature schnauzers. These dogs have a strong personality and are ideal for owners who can put up with some attitude.


• Working Group: This group is made up of intelligent dogs, fast learners, and great companions. They include Akitas, Rottweilers, Great Danes, and more. They are amazing watchdogs.


• Sporting Dogs: They include cocker spaniels, Labradors, and Weimaraners. They love outings and are ideal for places where they can roam free.


• Non-sporting Dogs: These are sturdy and friendly dogs that range in personality and size. They include bulldogs, poodles, Dalmatians, and more.


• Mutt: This breed is made up of dogs with a unique appearance. Thanks to their mixed bloodline, they offer a perfect combination of size, behavior tendencies, and amazing personality.


• Hound Dogs: Even though these dogs sometimes howl loudly, they are great family pets. They include dachshunds, beagles, and hounds. They are known for their exceptional hunting skills and endless energy.




Below are some tips to help you make an informed decision and find a breed that will suit your unique lifestyle:

• Make a List



From German Shepherd Dogs and Sussex spaniels to Miniature Schnauzers and Australian terriers, there are many breeds available in the modern market. But one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a homeowner is to get a dog on impulse. Don’t forget that the dog you choose will remain a part of your life for many years. Therefore, it is important to make a list of all the dog breeds available, do in-depth research about each of them, and decide based on your needs, budget, and personal preference.

• Consider Your Living Space



Even if you are buying a puppy, you should remember that it will grow quickly. You want a dog that will suit your lifestyle, but at the same time fit in your space. There is no point in purchasing an extra-large dog if you live in a studio apartment. As you narrow down on the dog that will meet your needs and requirements, don’t forget to consider your space and the dog’s size.

Even though getting a dog is a huge commitment, it is also the beginning of a fulfilling relationship with a wonderful friend. In case there is a specific breed you need, make sure you work with a breeder who can answer all your questions with honesty, and provide you with a dog health guarantee.
Happy Dogs, Happy Owners

A Puppygram Ambassador will assist you on selection along with helping arrange your loved ones travels, which can include delivery to your front door. Puppygram has a network of qualified breeders that meet strict criteria to assure your puppy’s health and welfare.


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