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Cane Corso

Dog breed experts and enthusiasts describe Cane Corsos as majestic, affectionate, and intelligent members of the mastiff breed. These dogs are agile and speedy, energetic, love the outdoors, and have a strong sense of adventure. They require a fair amount of continual socialization, companionship, and exercise.

A Brief History of Cane Corso

Due to their imposing size and stature, Cane Corso was originally bred in Greece as guardian dogs. From here, they found their way into Italy. They were constantly used during the war to change enemy lines using buckets of flaming oils secured on their backs. After the war, they were widely used in guarding henhouses and farms thanks to their experience in the frontline. Since they are extra-large dogs, they were also bred as hunting dogs and used to corner and chase large wild animals.

For a long time, The American Kennel Club didn’t recognize Cane Corso for various reasons. Due to constant pressure from dog lovers, the AKC recognized it as a dog in miscellaneous class in 2008.

Is Cane Corso a Good Dog to Keep as a Pet?

In case you need a huge, mastiff-type canine to include in your family, you need to consider getting a Cane Corso. It is a giant dog that will shower you with love and affection and make you feel safe and secure due to its large and intimidating nature. This dog can blend well in any surroundings and with any family that makes it feel loved and respected. However, before you find a breeder and buy this dog, below are a few facts you need to know about this breed:

They aren’t Big Shedders

One of the questions people ask before buying a dog is how much it will shed. Cane Corso has very short fur, which doesn’t fall quite often. However, regular brushing is required to ensure that shedding doesn’t become a problem. Using a brush with firm bristles at least once every week will remove a majority of loose hair and prevent mess on your furniture.

They are Healthy Dogs

Cane Corso are healthy dogs that present few or no common dog health-related issues. They don’t fall sick easily and will live a healthy life as long as they are well taken care of. A good breeder will give you a health guarantee for this dog, but you will need to take it to the vet at least once every year for checkups. Also, take it for diagnosis every time you suspect any illness.

They Don’t Wander

Cane Corso are large dogs that love adventure but will not leave your home to roam around. They are less mischievous compared to other dogs and will not go anywhere unless they are accompanied by a human. However, they should never be allowed to run loose.

Other Fun Facts You Should Know about Cane Corso

• They are very protective and loving toward kids
• They make exceptional guard dogs
• They are highly sensitive
• They may snore and drool and can sometimes be gassy
• They deserve an owner with a strong personality
• They don’t feel much pain
• They are athletic dogs
• They love living outdoors
• They have vigorous temperaments
• They need plenty of physical activity
• They require mental stimulation
• They are food motivated
• Grooming is integral for these dogs

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