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Golden Retriever

Of all the dog breeds throughout the United States, consistently ranked in the top three are Golden Retrievers. In the United Kingdom, Australia, and Brazil, they still fall within the top 10. Technically, there are three types of goldens: Canadian, American, and British.

A Brief History of Golden Retriever

Originally bred in the mid-19th century in Scotland, they were used to retrieve hunted waterfowl (game land birds, ducks, etc.) during shooting and hunting parties. This medium large breed is aptly named. Due to their soft mouth, the hunted game can be delivered to the hunter undamaged after being retrieved by the dog. So, they are the perfect retriever – and they are golden in color.

The coat of a Golden Retriever is perfect for waterfowl hunting as well because it repels water and lies flat against their body. Referred to as a long coated breed, when outdoors, they are provided adequate warmth by their dense inner coat.

Is Golden Retriever a Good Dog to Keep as a Pet?

For families – particularly those with children – Golden Retrievers are ideal. In addition to being perfect for a family pet, to assist deaf and blind individuals, this is a popular breed for a guide dog/disability assistance dog. There also used by law and emergency response personnel as a rescue, search, and/or detection participant.

If you're looking for a guard dog, however, this is not the breed to choose. They are not well suited as professional guard dogs due to their gentle, friendly temperament.

Are they Big Shedders?

Particularly during seasonal changes, these dogs do tend to shed a lot. Regular grooming is a requirement if you want your retriever to look nice, be comfortable, and shed as little as possible. This grooming will serve both you and your dog well in avoiding the mats that can form under and behind their ears, due to their long hair. If not groomed, this knotted hair can also appear on their legs and belly. In addition to looking messy, it is also uncomfortable – even painful – for the dog.

Are They Healthy Dogs?

These dogs need lots and lots of exercise. They love to play. A Golden Retriever's eating habits are seldom picky. They can be prone to certain health issues, however.

Unfortunately, many Golden Retrievers perish from cancer. It is the most common cause of death of the breed. Affecting approximately 1/5 of the breed are elbow and hip dysplasia. A common eye disease, cataracts, affect a fair amount of Golden Retrievers, as well. Other eye diseases such as retinal dysplasia, corneal dystrophy, glaucoma, and more may also become a factor. Additionally, joint disease and heart disease do also occur within this breed.

Some Retrievers suffer from allergies and end up with (usually treatable) skin conditions.

Notable Golden Retrievers

Some of the more recognized and notable Golden Retrievers through history have been as follows:

• Featured in her 2020 presidential campaign, United States Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Golden Retriever, Bailey.
• Made famous through a viral rescue video, English Golden Retriever, Kira.
• For animal bravery, the PDSA Golden Metal was awarded to Orca.
• UK BBC television star, Goldie.
• Former President Gerald R. Ford's Retriever Liberty and former President Ronald Reagan's dog, Victory.
• Additionally, Golden Retrievers have been featured in an astounding number of movies.

Other Fun Facts You Should Know about Golden Retriever

• Goldens are easy to train
• They love to swim
• Goldens have a long lifespan
• Goldens are natural athletes
• They are absolutely gorgeous!
• Goldens are excellent hunting companions
• They make great family dogs

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