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Mix a Poodle with a Golden Retriever, and what do you get? A crossbreed referred to as a Goldendoodle. With an origin that combines United States and Australia, their color can contain one or any of the following: gray or white, brown, black, red, cream, or… golden. As of yet, some major kennel clubs have not recognized this dog as a true breed.

The height of one of these adorable canines can range from 17 inches to 24 inches, with a weight range usually around 15 pounds all the way up to 80 pounds (read on for specifics)! They are classified as a long-haired dog.

Generally speaking, with other family pets (that includes dogs) and with children, the Goldendoodle usually gets along well. They are an excellent companion and family pet. For people with allergies, they are particularly beneficial.

A Brief History Goldendoodle

Back in the 1990s, in the United States and Australia, these dogs were bred widely by designer dog breeders. The Goldendoodle has since become one of the most popular dog varieties in many portions of the United States.

The combination of the two breeds was reportedly an answer to the Labradoodle.

The Goldendoodle has been successfully trained as a guide dog, therapy dog, and other forms of assistance dogs.

Is Goldendoodle a Good Dog to Keep as a Pet?

In case you need a pet that is good with children, or a certain size dog, the following should interest you. Because Standard sized, Miniature, or Toy Poodles can be used for crossbreeding Goldendoodles, several sizes of offspring can result. On an average, this can break down as follows:

• If the Standard Poodle is used for breeding, this results in a "large" Goldendoodle. These typically weigh between 50 and 80 pounds, and can stand 20 to 24 inches tall.
• If a Miniature Poodle is used, you end up with what is referred to as a "medium" Goldendoodle, which can typically weigh 40 to 50 pounds and stands 17 to 20 inches tall.
• When a Toy Poodle is used for breeding, you get a "small" Goldendoodle who can weigh between 15 to 35 pounds and stand approximately 20 inches tall.
Regardless of the size of the dogs used for breeding, the coat of a Goldendoodle can also vary. It is commonly longish but can take after a Golden Retriever, with almost straight hair, to resembling that of a Poodle, very curly. Or anything in between.

Are They Big Shedders?

One of the questions people ask about Goldendoodles is, "Are they big shedders?" Although they are referred to as "non-shedding" and "hypoallergenic", though less than some other breeds, they do actually shed their hair.

Are They Healthy Dogs?

Why do people crossbreed dogs for results like the Labradoodle and the Goldendoodle? Sometimes, crossing breeds can end up with a healthier breed than both of the original parents.

Generally speaking, Goldendoodles are pretty healthy. Overall, you can expect 10 to 15 years out of your Goldendoodle. Certain health conditions are more common with them – as with any breed of dog.

Because moisture gets trapped within their floppy ears, Goldendoodles can have recurring ear infections. Additionally, the following have been associated with Goldendoodles: Progressive eye ailments, Addison's disease, and certain heart conditions.

Other Fun Facts You Should Know about Goldendoodle

• They are extremely intelligent.
• Goldendoodles are unique in that no one dog is entirely like another. Some lean more toward Poodles, others more toward Golden Retrievers. Some end up being the perfect mix. Apart from possibly their size, there is no predicting what the final result will be from any pairing of parents.
• They love to play and exercise.
• They are social butterflies, to say the least.
• More times than not, Goldendoodles are great at offering emotional support thanks to their own happy demeanor.

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