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cute puppy riding in car

How You Can Train Your Puppy for Car Rides


In your puppy’s first year, they will experience many things for the first time, such as puppy training, going to the vet, and bonding with their new family. Some things will come easily to them, while others will take some training and patience.

You can teach your puppy to ride in the car, which will help avoid anxiety, car sickness, and fear when they’re an adult. Puppies are quick learners and will adapt to their environment and routines easily.

Here are some tips from Puppygram on how you can train your puppy for car rides:

Have the Puppy Sit in Front of the Open Car Door With the Leash in Your Hand

The puppy will be confused and think you’re going for a walk. Keep their leash attached and lead them over to the car, encouraging them to sit in the driver’s seat. Once they’re on the seat, you can attach the leash to the seatbelt. This will be quite a feat, but with time and patience, they’ll learn to sit with the leash attached to the seatbelt.

Utilize the Power of Treats

You might have to dole out those puppy treats more often than you’ve done in the past. They’ll learn relatively quickly with positive reinforcement.

You can also tug on their leash, encouraging them to stay at your side, and then throw a treat in the car to reward them. As time goes on, you can reward them with affection and praise.

Give Them Time to Be Familiar with the Seat and the Car as a Whole

woman and bulldog in backseat

Don’t try putting them in the car right away. Prior to that, let them investigate and play with the car. Get them accustomed to the car’s smell and allow them to sit on the seats and lay down in the car.

Practice Makes Perfect

Once you’ve trained them to get in the car and sit with the leash, you’ll want to practice daily. Practice makes perfect. Even after they’ve learned their lessons, you’ll want to test their skills every once in a while to ensure they’re still in a good place.

Start With Short Rides

young woman loving puppy in car

You should start with short rides around the neighborhood, as well as in other areas, depending on their abilities.

If they’re terrified or anxious around the car, take them for walks in the area. This is a good way to make them accustomed to the car, and eventually, they won’t be as frightened or confused about it.

Bring Their Toys to Keep Them Occupied

If they have a favorite stuffed animal or toy, you can bring it along with you whenever you go on a car ride. It’s a good idea to put the toy in their crate while they’re in it, so they can become familiar with it.

It’s also a good idea to have their favorite toy in the car at all times, so if they get nervous, they have something to occupy their time.


It’s an amazing experience having a puppy. They’re a bundle of joy and a source of unconditional love. It’s a good idea to teach them manners and the basics early on.

This is why it’s necessary to take them for car rides and make sure they’re comfortable and enjoying themselves. Hopefully, these tips from Puppygram will help you get your furry friend ready for your fun car rides soon enough!

If you have any questions or need some advice on training your puppy, contact us today. We’d love to help you and provide you with the best care for your furry friend. We can also help you find the cutest puppies in Indiana! Contact us to know more about our services!