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(Indiana State Board of Animal Health)


Only licensed and accredited veterinarians may write certificates of veterinary inspection (CVIs). The CVI must be completed, in full, by the veterinarian before traveling in certain states. CVIs are standardized government forms and must be written or produced electronically on a form that is approved for the state of entry.


Dogs and Puppies traveling within the state of Indiana do not need a CVI. Owners are encouraged to maintain records of animal movements.


Dogs and Puppies traveling across state lines need to have a CVI written by a licensed and accredited veternarian along with any additional import requirements the state of destination has.


Animals shipped by air must have a CVI issued by a veterinarian. Airline staff are looking for four main things on a CVI: inspection date within 10 days prior to flying, a weather acclimation statement, rabies vaccination information, and a veterinarian’s signature.


Dogs and puppies being transported to Florida to be sold need to have a CVI that includes all vaccines and deworming medications administered, along with manufacturer, vaccine, type, lot number, expiration date, and dates of administration. The CVI must also include a statement,: “The examining veterinarian warrants that, to the best of his or her knowledge, the animal has no sign of contagious or infectious diseases and has no evidence of internal or external parasites, including coccidiosis and ear mites, but excluding fleas and ticks.”
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