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At Puppygram, our prime mission is to provide our clientele with jovial, adorable, and healthy puppies. We have been into different dog breeds for many years now, and we are a trust-filled company that provides quality canines for families and individuals. All our available puppies are AKC registered and come with a health guarantee. You can, therefore, be confident when buying a pup from us, knowing that you will go home with the best. We are not just focused on offering top-quality, healthy puppies from our home to yours. We do everything possible to surpass your expectations and earn your trust even after you have gone home with your dream puppy.

We are committed to our pups’ wellbeing, and we ensure they are given the best love and care for as long as they live. We take care of our puppies with passion because we strongly believe it is the right thing to do.

Puppy Planning

Before you bring a puppy home, you need to make the necessary plans for its continued care. Remember, your puppy becomes your responsibility once you buy it and will depend on you for food, companionship, medical care, and loving home. Factually, puppy planning is not easy. At Puppygram, we will go out of our way and give you practical tips and insights that will help you achieve optimal results in this rather complex ordeal. Our experts will walk with you every step of the way and ensure your pup is given a warm welcome once it arrives in your home and lives a comfortable life all its life.

Puppy Names

Finding the right name for your puppy can be a pain in the neck. You might turn to the web in a bid to find the perfect name, but the options available could leave you more befuddled than ever before. At Puppygram, we have some of the cutest names you can call a pet. They are well-thought-about and are designed to grow with your dog.

Breed Selector

Choosing a puppy can be exhilarating and nerve-wracking at the same time. When choosing a puppy, one of the overarching questions that run through your mind is: which puppy breed should I get? You need to seriously and thoughtfully assess your needs before deciding on the breed you should buy. Using our breed selector, you will learn about different breeds available, their characteristics, and choose the best based on your needs and lifestyle.

All our breeds are registered with the AKC. They include: German Shepherds: It is regarded as a courageous, loyal, smart, and confident dog. It is large and masculine and can be used as a guard dog. Bulldogs: This is a courageous, friendly, calm, and dignified dog breed. It is a well-muscled canine that adapts well to country or urban environments. Other popular breeds we offer include:
  • Golden Retriever
  • Cane Corso
  • Australian Cattle Dog
  • Pomimo
  • Tibetan Mastiff
  • … and more.

Why Should You Work With Puppygram?

Puppygram is your trusted partner when it comes to quality puppies. We combine our expertise and experience to source the best puppy breeds and ensure our clients get nothing but the best. All puppies in our selection are inspected by licensed veterinarians and come with a health guarantee. If you don’t find the breed you need when browsing through our store, get in touch with us, and we will find it for you as soon as possible. Feel free to browse through our puppy resources or contact us for more inquiries today. You can call Puppygram at 888-577-8779 or email us at
Happy Dogs, Happy Owners
Have Any Questions?

A Puppygram Ambassador will assist you on selection along with helping arrange your loved ones travels, which can include delivery to your front door. Puppygram has a network of qualified breeders that meet strict criteria to assure your puppy’s health and welfare.

Health Guarantee

Our pups are guaranteed to be healthy, happy!! Our puppies come only from the best breeders!! No puppy mill promise!!