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Puppygram Process

Puppygram screens and approves breeders.

Puppygram ensures the quality and legitimacy of breeders by thoroughly screening and approving them. By implementing this process, Puppygram aims to provide a reliable platform for individuals seeking to adopt puppies, promoting transparency and trust within the breeder community. With Puppygram’s rigorous approval system, you can have peace of mind knowing they are connecting with reputable breeders who prioritize the well-being of their puppies.

Breeders collaborate, and work with several pet friendly programs.

Breeders actively collaborate and engage with various pet-friendly programs, forming partnerships to promote responsible pet ownership and animal welfare. Through these collaborations, breeders contribute to initiatives such as adoption events, spay/neuter campaigns, and educational programs that aim to enhance the well-being of pets. By working closely with pet-friendly programs, breeders play a vital role in creating a positive impact on the lives of animals and their communities.

Breeder’s summit litter bookings to Puppygram by 2 weeks of age.

The Breeder’s Summit encourages breeders to make litter bookings to Puppygram within the first two weeks of the puppies’ age, ensuring early and efficient integration into the platform. By adhering to this timeline, breeders can maximize the exposure of their litters to potential adopters and facilitate smoother adoption processes for both breeders and interested individuals.

Puppygram vets assign proper vaccine and medical checklists for the breeders.

Puppygram’s team of veterinarians provides breeders with comprehensive vaccine and medical checklists tailored to each specific breed. By assigning these guidelines, Puppygram ensures that breeders have access to accurate and up-to-date information, promoting the health and well-being of the puppies in their care and instilling confidence in prospective adopters.

Puppygram travel team arranges travel directly to you or to a store near you.

Puppygram’s travel team takes care of arranging convenient travel options for puppies directly to the customers’ desired location or to a nearby store for easy pickup. Whether it’s coordinating flights or coordinating with local stores, Puppygram ensures a seamless travel experience for both the puppies and the customers, making the adoption process as convenient and stress-free as possible.

Puppygram puppy ambassadors match customers to puppies and screen customers.

Puppygram’s team of dedicated puppy ambassadors plays a vital role in matching customers with the right puppies, taking into account their preferences, lifestyle, and compatibility. They also diligently screen customers to ensure that they are responsible and suitable pet owners, creating a safe and loving environment for the puppies to thrive in their new homes. Through this personalized approach, Puppygram aims to foster successful and lasting connections between customers and their furry companions.

Puppygram photographer takes and uploads puppy photos.

Puppygram employs a skilled photographer who captures adorable and high-quality photos of each puppy, which are then uploaded to the platform. These captivating images showcase the unique personalities and irresistible charm of the puppies, helping potential adopters to connect with them on a visual level and make informed decisions about their future furry companions.

Puppygram professionals visit and exam all puppies at 5 weeks of age.

At five weeks of age, Puppygram professionals make a visit to examine and assess all the puppies in their care. This hands-on examination allows for thorough health evaluations, ensuring that the puppies are developing properly and identifying any potential concerns. By conducting these visits, Puppygram upholds its commitment to the well-being of the puppies, promoting their overall health and facilitating a smooth transition to their forever homes.

Puppies spend 3 days under 24 hour veterinarian attention.

Puppygram ensures the well-being of the puppies by providing three days of round-the-clock veterinarian attention, guaranteeing their health and safety during this crucial transition period. With constant supervision and immediate medical care available, Puppygram prioritizes the puppies’ needs, ensuring they receive the necessary support and monitoring during their initial days in their new environment.

Puppygram veterinary does final nose-to-tail exam and approves travel.

Puppygram’s dedicated veterinary team conducts a thorough nose-to-tail examination of each puppy, ensuring they are in optimal health before approving their travel to their forever homes. By prioritizing the well-being of the puppies, Puppygram ensures that they are ready for their exciting journey and provides peace of mind to adopters knowing that their new furry family member has received proper medical clearance.

Puppy travels to fur-ever home.

Puppygram facilitates safe and seamless travel arrangements for puppies, ensuring they reach their forever homes with care and comfort. By coordinating transportation logistics and adhering to strict safety standards, Puppygram ensures a smooth transition for the puppies as they embark on their new journey with their loving families.

Puppygram provides lifetime support.

Puppygram offers reliable and consistent lifetime support to both breeders and adopters, ensuring a trusted source of assistance and guidance throughout their pet ownership journey.

Health Guarantee

We take pride in guaranteeing the health and happiness of our puppies. We carefully select our breeders to ensure that only the best and most reputable sources are included in our network. Our strict commitment to never working with puppy mills ensures that every puppy in our care comes from a responsible and ethical breeding environment.

Happy Dogs, Happy Owners
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A Puppygram Ambassador will assist you on selection along with helping arrange your loved ones travels, which can include delivery to your front door. Puppygram has a network of qualified breeders that meet strict criteria to assure your puppy’s health and welfare.

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